About us
Established in San Diego in June 2022.

We are JiwaJiwa, a company of unique and intelligent individuals who are passionate about creating the best designs, art, and portraits for you or your business. Our goal is to please our clients through attention to detail, creativity, innovative problem-solving skills, and affordable prices.
"JiwaJiwa" is a Japanese onomatopoeic word that conveys the meaning of "moving slowly but surely." Our logo was created with the imagery of a maze in mind. Just like getting lost in a maze, pondering, and ultimately reaching the goal, we at JiwaJiwa empathize with our clients' needs, contemplate, and strive to provide them with reliable solutions, ultimately creating a positive impact.

The essence of JiwaJiwa lies in the careful and deliberate progress we make towards achieving our objectives. By immersing ourselves in the maze of ideas, we emerge with innovative and impactful solutions that leave a lasting impression. We look forward to embarking on this journey together and turning your vision into a reality.
CEO / Digital Artist / Graphic Designer / Motion Designer

2012-2019: Managed package design, merchandise design, and advertising production for a leading Japanese gaming company at a production firm.

In 2019, my artist career took off in San Diego after relocating from Japan. The vibrant city, distinct from my previous life, pleasantly surprised me and fueled my inspiration. The free-spirited, energetic, and positive people there inspired me to embrace a positive and liberated lifestyle in my artistic pursuits. I delved into creating artwork, participating in exhibitions, and undertaking commissioned projects for three years, which enriched my life and sparked new discoveries, thoughts, and ideas. In June 2022, I was fortunate to meet an exceptional business partner, and together we established a company in San Diego.
Director / Web Developer / Operations Manager
Mike is a coder and designer with 16 years of helping all types of business reach their audience.
Specializing in front-end development, he uses that experience to make sure the web is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.
Mike spends his days at JiwaJiwa because it’s the creativity and collaboration that get him up in the morning. When he’s not here, he enjoys playing some guitar, watching Philadelphia sports, and reading up on tech’s shiny new toys.
Graphic Designer - Logo, Package, Flyer, Poster, Illustration

Working at multiple design companies from 2012 and transitioning to freelance designer in Japan by 2017, specialization in unique and captivating designs led to the creation of eye-catching visuals for various industries.

As a graphic designer based in Japan, I have worked with clients from various industries for many years, creating designs for logos, advertisements, packaging, posters, brochures, and more. From unique and intriguing designs to beautifully refined designs, I prioritize understanding my clients' visions and requirements to deliver effective and impactful works for their businesses.
Communication Director / Assistant / Interpreter

A Communication Director with over 15 years of experience in sales and customer service.  Rie is a passionate and self-driven creative with a strong communication skill set.  She has been a part of Jiwajiwa since 2022.  

She enjoys cuddling with her two cats and practicing yoga in her spare time.
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